Do a Little Research!

If you already have somewhat of an idea of the prom dress you are looking for, your dress specialist will be able to get you into the right dress much faster. What styles do you like? What length? What fabrics catch your eye? Are you only looking for certain colors? If your prom has a theme, consider choosing a prom dress color to compliment the theme. Everything at prom will compliment your dress making your prom pictures come out that much better! When you are ready to start trying on dresses, bring everything you have (pictures, styles etc.) to help your dress specialist recommend the perfect prom dresses for you!

Set a Budget

Prom dresses come in a wide range of prices to fit just about any budget. It helps if you know beforehand how much you are willing to spend so that a dress specialist can put you in the perfect dress without blowing up your budget and setting you up for disappointment. Having a prom dress budget worked out in advance will make the process of shopping for your prom dress much easier.

Shop Early!

Some dresses take weeks to special order and you also need to factor in time for alterations. The hottest styles are also the dresses that fly off the rack first. Plan ahead and get the dress of your dreams before anyone else. Shopping early may also land you special deals and designs that nobody else has seen yet!

Know Yourself!

What is your body type? Are you tall? Short? Curvy? Busty? Pear Shaped? When it comes to dressing for prom, going with the styles dictated by your peers may not always be the way to go. Choosing a dress style and fits that is right for you will make a huge difference in how your prom dress fits and feels on you. Also keep in mind what you will be doing at prom. If you are planning on tearing up the dance floor, make sure you choose a dress that will allow you to do just that! A dress specialist can help you find the perfect dress for your body type and style!

Listen to the Little Voice in Your Head!

When the dress feels right, you will know it. It might take trying on one or two dresses or a dozen or more, but the right prom dress for you is out there! Be patient! With a little planning and the right focus, we’ll help you find THE dress!

Think Outside the Box

If you are still having trouble finding the perfect dress, think outside the box! The perfect prom dress for you may not even be on the prom dress rack! When browsing dresses, look in other dress categories as well. You may find that perfect dress in Cocktail Dresses, Pageant Dresses, Short Dresses etc. This is wear a dress specialist is very helpful in guiding you to the perfect dress you have been dreaming about.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

The perfect prom dress needs the perfect accessories to take your entire look to the next level. Shoes to match your prom dress, jewelry to accent your style, hair accessories, tiaras or a cute clutch. Russo’s has all kinds of accessories for your prom dress and we can also match your date in any color!

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Why not sell last year’s prom dress to help pay for your new dress this year? Dresses by Russo now has a prom dress consignment program to help you do just that! We can help you sell your old dress and even give you a special discount on this year’s dress! Stop by today for details!

Stop by Dresses by Russo in Chelsea or Stoneham today! We’ll help you find the perfect prom dress and our prices and selection are the best around!