Prom can be expensive, especially for the ladies.  Once you find the dream dress, you have to think about the cost of hair, makeup, nails, shoes, jewelry, prom tickets, spray tans and so many other unforeseen expenses. While you are fortunate if you can do some of the above mentioned services yourself, one thing you should really consider shelling out the money for:  the limousine.
Why pay hundreds of dollars for a chauffeur to drop your teens off at the prom?

(1) Arriving in Style:

Prom is a magical time in a teenager’s life.  It marks the end of their high school careers and the beginning of their lives as adults.  In most cases the people your teens go to high school with have been their acquaintances throughout elementary and middle school.  They played dodge ball at recess, saved seats for each other at the lunch table, and crammed for finals together.  Other than graduation, prom is the last school event where they will be able to form memories; for many it will be one of the last times they will see their classmates.  Mark the importance of this event by renting a limousine to usher your child and their friends to the prom.  They will have an amazing time partying in the limo on their way to and from the event and it will make for some memorable pictures as well.

(2)  You Don’t Have to Be the Driver

If I know prom girls…and I do-the entire prom process was probably not fun at all times.  There were probably tons of times where you thought about knocking your beautiful child out as they tried to find their prom dress.  Think back to the hours of driving back and forth to different dress shops to find the dress, the countless text messages received with pictures of your teen girl in different gowns asking for your opinion when you know darn well they are just going to take their friend’s opinion over yours, and the attitudes thrown around when the dress shopping is not going as successfully as anticipated.  At the end of the day you are excited that prom shopping is finally over-why spend another prom-second with your little monster-err I mean child?  Get your child ready, take all the pictures you can, and send them off in a beautiful limousine so you can have some well deserved alone time.  The last thing you want to is be the driver to your promzilla and their friends.  At Russo Limousine, the drivers are given specific directions by parents as to where they will pick up and drop off your child, and if any stops are necessary they are okayed by YOU beforehand and liquor is NOT allowed!  Which brings me to my next point.


(3)  They Are Not Driving Themselves

Unfortunately teens use this celebratory occasion to consume alcohol. “Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year – that’s more than all illegal drugs combined.” (   Underage drinking is dangerous, add to that equation driving and it is a recipe for disaster.  While most teens heading out to prom are at the age where they can drive themselves-why run the risk?  Even if you trust your child not to drink, we cannot trust their classmates to do the same.  Don’t have your inexperienced child driver out on the road on a night where there will be dozens of other inexperienced teenage drivers, under the influence, on their way to their proms.  Peace of mind is priceless!  Plus when you purchase your dress or rent your tuxedo at Russo Tux, Dresses, and Limousine-you get a discount off your limousine package.

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