I love weddings!  I love going to them, planning them, and I especially love helping my customers with their special day.  One thing that used to always be a necessity when planning a wedding was TIME.  However, I have been noticing a recent trend in wedding planning.  People are not waiting too long after the engagement to walk down the aisle.  Girls are coming into the shop asking for services that usually take months in advance to arrange i.e. the bridesmaid dresses!

Brides to be and their bridesmaids are coming into our store asking for dresses to be available within a couple of weeks.   Instead of turning customers away or charging more money for shipping we have found a company that specializes in bridesmaid dresses AND keeps them in stock!

Dresses By Russo now carries Gather and Gown bridesmaid dresses.  This is a fairly new company who keeps a majority of their gowns in stock in a variety of colors.  Besides being convenient-the dresses are well made and available at a decent price range.  All dresses are under $200.00!










Above all else, these dresses are CUTE!

If you are looking for bridesmaid dresses in a hurry, stop by Dresses By Russo and check out this fantastic line!  You can also visit us online at www.dressesbyrusso.com to check out Gather and Gown’s complete line.

Gather and Gown’s navy gowns go perfect with Russo Tux’s 007 tuxedo modeled by Mr World America Alex Oulette.