A Quinceañera is a memorable occasion, and it is also a pricey one.  A traditional quince dress can cost anywhere between $300.00 and $1,000.00 dollars.  Once the birthday girl has taken her pictures with her court and family members-she will enter her reception hall and perform the customary father daughter dance, choreographed dance with her court, changing of the shoes, and other traditional customs.  After all of the ceremonial obligations have been met the quinceañera can start making her rounds around the party.  She will greet her guests, eat, and start dancing the night away.  It is at this time that most girls change into a shorter dress so they are more comfortable.  Considering you will only be wearing the gown for a couple of hours, it seems like a waste of money to change into another dress.

After browsing through Dresses By Russo’s gowns, I have found the perfect remedy for this situation.  Below are dresses that serve as two dresses in one.


This gown from Quinceañera Collection is gorgeous and, once the skirt is removed, you have a beautiful short dress to party in.  The dress is available in gold/gold and cranberry/gold and sold at Dresses By Russo.


If you are looking for a quince dress with more ruffles at the bottom, then this halter dress is perfection.  This gown boasts a beautiful train which will look amazing in pictures, but not so convenient when you are trying to maneuver around dinner tables to greet your guests.  When it’s time to be more mobile, rip off the bottom part of the dress to display a lacey pencil skirt.  This is available at Dresses By Russo in mint, royal blue and sparkle white.

Are you looking for something a little different?  Check out this Princess Belle inspired gown from Disney Royal Ball.  Use this dress as a part of your dance routine and wow your guests as you rip off the front part of your gown to reveal a high low style skirt.  This flirty style is available in multiple colors!


If you are looking for your short dress to have a more flowy skirt check out this Quinceañera Collection dress which comes in pink, teal, and white.


Visit Dresses By Russo’s newly renovated Quinceañera showroom at 320 Revere Beach Parkway in Chelsea to see these styles plus many more from some of the best designers in the business!  Now start thinking about what you are going to do with all of that money you saved from buying one of these two for one dresses!