Ah prom. It is an exciting time, but for some, finding the perfect dress can be painful.  Going from dress shop to dress shop, trying on dress after dress, wanting to make sure you make the right decision because, let’s be honest, we all have someone that we HAVE TO look better than.

Every prom season there is a style that everyone goes crazy over.  It’s in all of the prom magazines, social media pages, and girls run to their favorite dress shops to seek out these styles.  Last season two piece gowns and dresses with print on them kept selling out.  This year, dress designers combined the two and created some unbelievable styles. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the two piece, print dresses!   If you want to be a trend setter walk into your prom in one of these gowns.  What we love most about these two piece gowns is that you are not showing too much skin so your parents, guardians, and/or teachers won’t complain.

This gown by Tiffany Design with the full skirt also has….pockets! Perfect for keeping your cell phone and lip gloss by your side!
This two piece print gown by Mac Duggal is edgy and will definetly turn heads.
The floral print in the skirt of this gown by Faviana is beautiful!













How can not fall in love with this heart print dress by Studio 17.











If you want to take your prom look a step further, look into two piece print gowns WITH long sleeves tops.  One great thing about this look is you can use the top with a separate bottom to go out!  Not many of your friends will be able to reuse their prom attire!  Your parents will be happy that your prom dress isn’t collecting dust in your closet and if you think about it you are recycling.  Win Win situation here guys!














All gowns featured in this blog are available at Dresses By Russo!  You can even go online at www.dressesbyrusso.com to check out these and other styles for your upcoming event.